Advanced Light Source

Harnessing the power of light

Our Story

Vienna was the place where the shortest laser pulses of the world were generated and commercialized. We had the priviledge of taking part in this exciting journey and are determined to continue.


Technology is always on the move. Our goal is to exploit new paths to make step changes to all products in terms of stability, usability and cost.

Our Team

We have been professionally dedicated to ultrafast laser technology since 1998. Our expertise was instrumental in developing the world’s first turn-key Sub 10 fs laser available on the market.

Our Beliefs

We believe that ultrafast laser technology shall go beyond scientific research bringing benefit to everyone´s prosperity and well-being. Our mission is to make highly sophisticated light devices accessible to everybody aiming to harness the power of light. We do that, by creating revolutionary paths to generate exceptional light sources for the advancement of health and science.